Music of the Melanesian Brotherhood

The Music of the Melanesian Brothers consists mostly of unacumlised singing (Chanting to a style special to the Solomon Islands and playing Panpipes ( the precusion is also by lage panpipes the are struck by a rubber strop).

Two C.D.s are available of the Brothers music.

1) Chants from The Thin Red Line

Melanesian Choirs: The Blessed Islands  

RCA VICTOR 09026 63470 2 [51:49]

This C.D. was produced during the production of the film The Thin Red Line. It contains the singing of the Choir of All Saints, Honiara under the then Director, Brother Zephaniah; and singing of the Melanesian Brothers during a early morning service at their training camp at Tabalia.

This C.D. is on open sale and can be obtained at good Book / Music suppliers, including on-line book shops.


2) Melanesian Brothers

Members of The Melanesian Brotherhood 

Chester Diocese MB CD 001 [57:57]

This C.D. was produced by the Brothers during their recent visit to the Chester Diocese. Information about the C.D. and the lyrics are available form the following page. Click Here.

This C.D. has been on limited sale within the Chester Diocese. Information on this can be found at

To hear clips from this C.D. Click here

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