Melanesian Brotherhood


Founded 1925


The Brotherhood live as brothers to the people, respecting their traditions and customs: planting, harvesting, fishing, house building, eating and sharing with the people in all these things. Ini Kopuria (founder) believed that Solomon Islanders should be converted in a Melanesian way.
Today, the work of the Brotherhood has broadened to include work and mission among both Christians and non-Christians. The Melanesian Brotherhood now has three regions: Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu & Fiji. They have recently opened a house in Palawan, the Philippines.
The Brotherhood aims to live the Gospel in a direct and simple way following Christ’s example of prayer, mission and service. The brothers take the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, but these are not life vows but for a period of five years, which can be renewed. They train for three years as novices and make their vows as brothers at the Feast of St Simon and St Jude.

Solomon Islands Region

Administration Offices, Chester House
PO Box 1479
Honiara, Solomon Islands

Telephone +677 26355

Fax +677 23079


Head Brother- Brother Caulton Waris

Central Section

1.Norman Palmer Household, Honiara
2. St Barnabas Working Household, Honiara
3. Bishopsdale Working Household, Honiara
4. Thomas Peo Working Household, Gela
5. Ini Kopiura Household, Kolina, Guadalcanal
6. Olimauri Working Household,Babanakira, Guadalcanal
7. Calvary Household, Surapau, Guadalcanal
8. Selwyn Rapu Working Household, Talibau, Guadalcanal
9. Derick Vagi Working Household, Bellona
10. David Sale Working Household, Komukama
Malaita Section
11. Airahu Section Headquarters, Malaita
12. Funakawa Household, East Kwaio, Malaita
13. Apalolo Household, Small Malaita
14. John Falea Working Household, Are’Are, Malaita
15. New Dawn Range Working Household, West Kwaio
16. Manao’oba Working Household, North Malaita
Ysabel Section
17. Welchman Section Headquarters, Sosilo, Ysabel
18. Porophetta Household, Kia, Ysabel
19. Lawe Household, Gizo, Western Province
20. Hulon Working Household, Yandina, Russel Islands
Hanuato’o Section
21. Fox Section Headquarters, Makira
22. Ullawa Working Household, Ullawa Island
23. Star Harbour Working Household, Makira
24. Hanunu Working Household, Makira
Temotu Section
25. Makio Section Headquarters, Santa Cruz, Temotu

Papua New Guinea Region

Good Shepherd Regional Headquarters
Haruro, PO Box 29
Popondetta, Oro Province
Papua New Guinea

Popondetta Section
1. Waseta Household
2. Wanigela Household
3. Domara Household
4. Berubona Household
5. Nidewari Working Household
Aiporongo Section
6. Aiome Section Headquarters
7. Kinibong Household
8. Aum Household
9. Kuiama Household
Port Moresby Section
15. Cape Rodney Section Headquarters
16. Pivo Household, Kerema
17. Sogeri Household

Southern Region

Tumsisiro Regional Headquarters
PO Box 05, Lolowai
Ambae, Vanuatu

1. Suriau Household, Santo Bush, Vanuatu
2. Port Patteson Household, Vureas Bay, Banks and Torres Section, Vanuatu
3. Nabatolu Household, Ba, PO Box 248, Fiji


1. Northern Palawan Christian Institute, Winigit, Paglaum, Taytay, 5312 Palawan
2. IFI Church, Espanola, 5305, Palawan



Guest and Retreat Facilities

Chester Resthouse, PO Box 1479, Honiara, Solomon Islands, offers a Christian welcome. Eight twin-bedded rooms with shared facilites, 180SB$ per room per night.
The Chester Resthouse is heavily booked, so please book well in advance using the E-Mail address near the top of this page.
All the Brotherhood’s headquarters and section headquarters can provide simple accommodation for visitors. Retreats can be made by prior arrangement with the Chaplain.


Timetable of the Main House:
First Office and Mattins
5.50 am
(6.20 am Sun & holidays)

Holy Communion
6.15 am
(7.15 am on Sun & holidays)

Morning Office
8.00 am

Midday Office
12 noon
(Angelus on Sun & holidays)

Afternoon Office
1.30 pm (not Sun & holidays)

5.30 pm
(6.00 pm Sun & holidays)

Last Office
9.00 pm

Office Book:
Offices and Prayers of the
Melanesian Brotherhood 1996


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