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Provincial Office
P. O. Box 389
Mt. Sinai, NY 11766
Tel./ Fax: (718) 602-2973
Minister Provincial: Brother Derek, SSF

As we enter the new millennium the one gift that the Franciscans have to offer is themselves!  Our individual stories and our common life rooted in the Franciscan story cohere around the fact of our minority.  Littleness is our greatest gift and challenge to the new millennium.

We may not be changing governments or distributing millions, but all of us live on the cutting edge of life, exploring what it means to be human in rapidly changing cultures.  Learning to make decisions by consensus rebukes authoritarian tendencies in ourselves and amazes outsiders.

Our communities offer hope to the poor, marginalized, those looking for wholeness and meaning in their lives and safety for those caught in violence.  Our credential for this work, more often than not, is our minority--our own sense of being marginalized;  of having been broken in various ways and put back together by God's love. Sharing our experience, strength and hope give our Franciscan ministry authenticity and sparkle to those we meet who are looking for Good News.

Being a small community comprised of even smaller houses gives us tremendous freedom to experiment with life. In our efforts to live with integrity, we sometimes fail; however, the stories of setbacks also tell of new learnings and insights and a gracious urge to try again.

This Franciscan charism of trying things out and considering new ways holds our the possibility of Jubilee: release from routine thinking, redemption from debt, and the hope of rebuilding human communities.

As we try to recognize the truth about ourselves and God, that we are the little brothers of Jesus in the way of Francis, then God can build us into a community of grace and love.  Our victories and failures bear witness, to those we would help, of God's power, love, and the Gospel way of life.

We invite you to journey with us!


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