Monthly cycle of Prayer for Anglican Religious in the Americas

The communities of CAROA are always in need of prayer, just as all God's children are. We will be most grateful if you will include us in your prayers.

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Community Intention

All Saints Sisters of the Poor

All Saints Convent, Catonsville, Maryland, USA. The Rev. Mother Catherine Grace, Superior. Associated works: St. Gabriel's Retreat House, St. Anna's House, Annunciation Monastery, and The Joseph Richey Hospice.


Community of the Holy Spirit

St. Hilda's House, New York, NY, USA. Sisters Catherine Grace, Faith Margaret, and Helena Marie, Community Council. Branch house: The Melrose Convent and St. Cuthbert's Retreat House, Brewster, NY.

Community of St. Francis

St. Francis House, San Francisco, California, USA. Sister Jean Lait, Minister Provincial. Particular ministry to the poor, the marginalized, and the sick.

Community of St. John Baptist

Convent of St. John Baptist, Mendham, New Jersey, USA. Sister Barbara Jean, Superior. Ministry: St. Marguerite's Retreat House.

Community of St. Mary
Eastern Province

St. Mary's Convent, Greenwich, New York, USA. Mother Miriam, Superior. Branch House: St. Mary's Convent, Luwinga, Malawi. Associated Work: St. Mary's Healthcare System.

Community of St. Mary
Southern Province

Sisters of St. Mary, Sewanee, Tennessee, USA.Sister Lucy, Superior. Branch House: Sisters of St. Mary, Marycroft--Banga-an, Philippines.

Aspirants to Religious Life

We pray that those who are called to religious life will respond to that call and explore their vocation.

Community of St. Mary
Western Province

Mary's Margin, Mukwonago, Wisconsin, USA. Sister Letitia, Superior. For their house of prayer, hospitality, and retreat.

Community of the Sisters of
the Church

St. Michael's House, Oakville, Ontario, CA. Sister Marguerite Mae, Sister Provincial. And for St. Elizabeth Village, Hamilton, Ontario.

Community of the Transfiguration

Convent of the Transfiguration, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Sister Ann Margaret, Superior. Ministries: Bethany School, St. Monica's Recreation Center, Tabor Cottage and St. Mary's Memorial Home. Branch Houses: Sisters of the Transfiguration, San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic and Sisters of the Transfiguration, Eureka, California.

Order of the Holy Cross

Brother David Bryan, Superior. Houses: Holy Cross Monastery and Novitiate, West Park, New York, USA; Mt. Calvary Retreat House and Monastery, Santa Barbara, California, USA; Incarnation Priory, Berkeley, California, USA; Holy Cross Priory, Toronto, CA; uMariya uMama weThemba Monastery and Novitiate, Grahamstown, ZA.

Order of Julian of Norwich

Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA. Father Gregory, Guardian. Branch House: Llewelyn House, Eastman Wisconsin.

Order of St. Anne

Bethany Convent, Arlington, Massachusetts, USA. Sister Ana Clara, Superior. Ministry of witness to 21st century Christians.

Postulants and Novices

We pray for those who are exploring vocations as Postulants and Novices, that they will find suport in their discernment and growth in Religious Life.

Order of St. Anne

Chicago, Illinois, USA. Sister Mary Margaret, Reverend Mother. Work in Church of the Ascension and as teachers and counselors.

Order of St. Helena

Leadership Council: Sisters Cintra Pemberton, Linda Julian, Mary Lois and Ruth. Convent houses in Vails Gate and New York City, New York, and Augusta, Georgia.

St. Gregory's Abbey - OSB

Three Rivers, Michigan, USA. Abbot Andrew, Superior.

Sisterhood of the Holy Nativity

Bethlehem-by-the-Lake, Ripon, Wisconsin, USA. Sister Maria, Superior. Branch House: Saint Mary's Retreat House, Santa Barbara, California.

Episcopal Sisters of Charity

St. Vincent's Retreat House, Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA. Sister Julian, Sister in Charge.

Sisterhood of St. John the Divine

St. John's Convent, Toronto, Ontario, CA. Sister Elizabeth Ann, Reverend Mother. Branch Houses; St. John's House, Montreal, Quebec; St. John's House, Victoria, British Columbia. Works: St. John's Rehab Hospital, Toronto.

Temporary and Annual Vows

We pray for all our brothers and sisters who are in temporary vows; that the Spirit will lead them as they, with their communities, consider the call to Life Vows.

Society of St. Francis

Brother Derek, Minister Provincial. Friaries: Little Portion Friary, Mount Sinai, New York, USA; San Damiano Friary, San Francisco, California, USA: La Verna House, St. Ann, Jamaica, West Indies; St. Elizabeth's Friary, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Society of St. John the Evangelist

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Brother Curtis, Superior. Branch House: Emery House, West Newbury, Massachusetts. Work: Cowley Publications.

Society of St. Margaret

St. Margaret's Convent, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Sister Carolyn, The Rev. Mother Superior. Houses: St. Margaret's House, Duxbury, Massachusetts; St. Margaret's House, New Hartford, New York; Neale House, New York, NY; St. Margaret's Convent, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


Society of St. Paul

San Diego, California, USA. Fr. Barnabas Hunt, Rector. Exploring a call to become a community without walls.

Teachers of the Children of God

Tuscon, Arizona, USA. Mother Alicia, Superior. Branch houses: Tuller School, Fairfield, Connecticut; Tuller School at Maycroft, Sag Harbor, New York.

All in Life Vows

We pray for all who are in life vows and we rejoice in their dedication. We pray that they remain strong in faith and faithful to their vows and calling, with God's help.


Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americas. Brother David Bryan Hoopes, OHC, President; Father Gregory Fruewirth, OJN, Vice-president; Mother Miriam, CSM, Secretary-Treasurer; The Rev. Dr. Donald W. Anderson, General Secretary.

Worldwide Anglican Communion

We pray for all congregations which are part of the Anglican Communion and especially for all members of Religious Communities in the Anglican Communion.

All Religious

We pray for all who live a vowed life of service to God, that they may be strong in their vows and steadfast in their faith.

All Founders

We pray for those who founded our Religious Communities and pray that we remain true to their prophetic vision. We pray for all who currently exercise authority in our communities.
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