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CAROA - Conference of Anglican Religious
Orders in the Americas

In a world disrupted by war, terrorism, and oppression, the call and challenge comes to Religious Communities to become instruments of peace, to partake in the ministry of reconciliation by prayer and service, both in the Church and throughout the world.

The vowed life of poverty/simplicity, chastity/celibacy, and obedience frees us from the strictures of our culture: love of money and wealth, status, and power.

CAROA includes 23 Religious Communities in the Americas that are part of the Worldwide Anglican (Episcopal) Communion. Some of these Orders are of men, some of women, and some include both. There is great diversity among our communities in terms of worship practice and standard of living, but all our communities embrace celibacy, community of goods, and obedience to a Rule and Constitution.

All sorts make up our communities: people who are styled as contemplative, social activists, introverted, extroverted, conservative, liberal, young, middle-aged, and elderly. We come from a rich variety of backgrounds. Our communities serve in several ways through retreat houses and individual spiritual direction and in apostolic outreach in diocese, parish, hospital, nursing homes, schools, and social agencies. In all of our communities there are individuals with special talents and abilities who share those gifts in response to discerned need. Common to all our ministries is a shared commitment to prayer, life in community, and hospitality.

We hope you will include our communities in your life of prayer. We have a monthly cycle of prayer that may be helpful.

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