This page includes links to all CAROA communities which currently have web sites.
Each community has a particular nature, or charism. This means that the style of worship and living, as well as the type of ministry will be quite different from one community to the next.

We hope you will enjoy getting to know our communities by web and that, if possible, you will make a visit in person as well.

All our communities welcome your support through prayers and gifts. We encourage you to consider the possibility of a religious vocation in one of our communities.

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Directory of the Members of the Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americas

Communities of Women All Saints Sisters of the Poor
Community of the Holy Spirit
Community of Saint Francis
Community of Saint John Baptist
Community of Saint Mary - Eastern Province
Community of Saint Mary - Southern Province
Community of Saint Mary - Western Province
Community of the Sisters of the Church
Community of the Transfiguration
Order of Saint Anne - Bethany Convent
Order of Saint Anne - Chicago
Order of Saint Helena
Sisterhood of the Holy Nativity
Sisters of Charity
Sisters of St. John the Divine
Society of Saint Margaret
Teachers of the Children of God
Communities of Men Order of the Holy Cross
Saint Gregory's Abbey - OSB

Society of Saint Francis
Society of Saint John the Evangelist
Society of Saint Paul
Communities of Men and Women Order of Julian of Norwich